The 1st Te Wera Festival of Creativity, Arts, Music and Culture

was held at the Te Wera Valley Lodge (Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand)
December 2006 to January 2007 and it was GREAT!
The facilities:

The ‘Upper’ Cabins

The ‘Concert’ Hall

The Camp Ground

Kitchen and Dining Hall

The fun:



Getting in the mood

The Streetworthy travelling crèche and laundry

Ukuleles rule!!

. . . and rule!


. . . and rule OK!!

Catriona without her beloved banjo

Micheal’s ‘McGyver’ manadolin – doubles as a frying pan, paddle, tennis racquet, mirror etc.

Alastair ‘super ukulele man’ and his mandolin workshop

Helen and Frances launched their CD

Sunsets art workshops went down a treat!


Carol’s finger-picking workshop

Carol’s finger-picking workshop

And if you mix this with that you can have hair the colour of mine!

The Wild Things

Thanks to Carolyne and Bob Murray – custodians of Te Wera Lodge.

Thanks to all who came.

Will there be another one?           Watch this space.

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