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leading, learning, creating ....?

Welcome to www.future-edge.co.nz. We come to you from New Plymouth, New Zealand - on the western edge of the North Island of Aotearoa / New Zealand.

"New Zealand is in the vanguard of a dynamic world - it's human diversity, open spaces, wit, flexibility and sheer tenacity have taken a rugged, isolated country and positioned it on the cutting edge of adventure, knowledge and creativity." Time Magazine [for more about N.Z. see www.nzedge.com]
Future Edge is about three things: leading, learning and creating.


At Future Edge we want to change the way you think about and do leading. Leadership is not about position. Leadership is everybody's business. It is for all ages. It is for families, businesses and communities.
In today's world we need leadership now. We need people of all ages and backgrounds to make a difference. We all possess the capacity for leadership, but only those who cultivate it will become truly effective leaders.

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At Future Edge we believe that we have the ability, at any age, to change our lives through learning. We believe our survival in the 21st century as individuals, organisation and nations, will depend on our capacity to learn. We believe a learning family, organisation or population is healthier, more tolerant, independent and fulfilled.

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At Future Edge we regard creativity and innovation as important keys to success in today's rapidly changing world. We need people to think creatively and critically, to solve problems and to make a difference for the better. Creative people are better able to respond positively to opportunities, challenges and responsibilities, to manage risk and to cope with change and adversity.

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The wonderful illustrations on this website were done by our friend Sunset . . . www.artsunset.co.nz