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and other musical adventures
Gumboot Tango at the
Wellington Folk Festival

I play percussion and the fool in a band called Gumboot Tango.

The 'Tango, Mike Harding - www.mikeharding.co.nz , Janet Muggeridge, Steve Muggeridge and Wayne Morris, celebrate New Zealand songs and songwriters with a farmyard-infectious humour guaranteed to put a smile on your feet and the swing back in a Taranaki Gate.

Live in concert Gumboot Tango present songs that tell something of New Zealand's special heritage, from the daggy and quirky through classic pop and rock to original songs, some written by the late Alan Muggeridge.

Since forming to record and perform Taranaki songs for the 1995 Taranaki Festival of the Arts Gumboot Tango sightings and soundings have included the Beehive (our first gig), WOMAD '99, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Tahora folk festivals and bike runs, the Second Annual Great Urenui School Possum Hunt, not to mention Aunty Mary's 50th and cousin Bruce's 21st.

We'll play for you if you pay us enough.
Contact Wayne at   wayne @ future-edge.co.nz (remove spaces)
We'd be great at food and wine festivals!!!!

Wellington Festival

Love in a Fowl House

Tahora - Gumboot & Friends
Personally I like hitting things - percussion is another of my passions - playing percussion of all sorts and running and organising percussion workshops.

Playing with Gumboot Tango

Couldn't afford a real drum kit

Jamming at Te Wera
Some music / percussions sites that I dip into on regular occasions:





Salvage arts & design

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